December 18, 2018

Planning Your Summer Vacation

travel packed suitcase

This time of the year, the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter, the grass is truly greener. Summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes summer vacations. For many, summer vacation is a multi-generational family event. But what happens as a grandparent gets older or a family member struggles with a serious illness? With the proper caregiver in place, the entire family can have a joyous summer vacation together.

Let’s go over the who, what, when, where, and how of summer vacation planning when extra caregiving is required.


The first question is what constitutes the right caregiver. Of course, it’s someone skilled in attending to a client’s needs. But it also goes beyond that. It is someone who fits in seamlessly with a family. Who can be at the ready to assist and who can also be discreet. The alignment of personality, disposition, and skills is crucial to everyone feeling comfortable and at ease. If the right person for the job is a more specifically trained Medical Escort, Privatus can provide the perfect person.


Are you staying at a resort or renting a house? Staying in one place or moving around? By consulting with your private nurse ahead of time, together you can determine whether special accommodations need to be made and what’s the right place for your family. Considerations may include a ground-floor bedroom, an en suite bathroom, ground-level entry or elevator access. The caregiver can also stock the pantry in a house’s kitchen to accommodate any dietary needs, and prepare or tailor meals for the loved one.


Nothing is more disappointing than making plans only to find it conflicts with crucial medical appointments. Checking in with a caregiver–who maintains a master calendar –prior to finalizing the vacation dates can avoid disappointment…and change fees.


A vacation destination can be a few hours’ drive or a flight away. Transporting a grandparent or someone with physical limitations must be handled carefully. Having a private nurse to accompany you can ease travel challenges–from help with packing to navigating an airport terminal.


The extended time we spend together is special. And few things are as special as a summer vacation. Whether it is returning to a beloved beach house or exploring a new destination, summer vacations embed themselves in our memory and our soul. Being able to share this time with our loved ones only enhances this extraordinary time together. With a skilled private nurse or caregiver, your summer vacation can be all you want it to be.