December 18, 2018

The Logistics of Graduation

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graduation hats being thrown in air

You’ve waited years for this special day, to watch your child graduate. It could be high school, college, or law/medical/architecture/business school. Whatever your child’s special graduation day is, you want the proud grandparents to be a part of it. But sometimes the logistics of getting an older individuals around a school or university campus can be daunting. Whether it is the local high school in Fairfield County, the independent school in Westchester, one of the colleges in and around Boston, or any sprawling university campus, the day is not complete without having a beaming grandparent to share in the joy.

Calm at Home and Hotel

Before you even get to the site of the graduation, you need to figure out sleeping accommodations as graduations often span two to three days. Your parent’s home health aide or traveling nurse can be your go-to person to help at the hotel and in your home. You’ve got enough to keep you busy – having a professionally trained set of hands means you can attend to family-wide plans and out-of-town guests. You can relax and enjoy the time knowing that your parent is being looked after by someone who knows his or her particular needs.

Pride and Joy

On graduation day, plan on needing extra time and extra help to get your parent to the graduation venue and any celebratory gatherings. College graduations, especially, start early in the day and some even start as early as 9am. For some seniors (and we’re not just talking about the graduate!), getting out of the house or hotel that early is challenging. Enlisting the help of a professional caregiver, someone who knows your parent’s early morning routines, can take the strain off you and assure a timely arrival.

No one wants to be late for the ceremony’s start. Even with handicap access, depending on the graduation site, you may need to walk a long distance to get to your seats. Your parent may need a steadying hand, or someone to walk at a slower pace or push a wheelchair. Your parent’s caregiver is there to do all of this. Once at the venue, you can also rely on your parent’s caregiver to help with any refreshment needs or rest room visits. It makes the entire experience more comfortable for everyone, and you never need to worry about missing a minute.

Cheers and Hugs

The graduation experience isn’t just about the ceremony. There may be luncheons, dinners, and award ceremonies to attend. And you want the grandparents to be a part of every event. No one will glow with more pride! Your parent’s nurse can ensure they are part of the festivities and honor recognition. A caregiver can help with dressing, assist with transportation, and make sure dietary guidelines are followed and medications are taken on time. With caring professional help, you can pass through graduation with flying colors.

At Privatus, our goal is to help you celebrate life’s milestones –and every day– with ease and peace of mind. Our professional caregivers are trained to be a seamless part of your family so that everyone can enjoy the special times, and all the days in between.