About Privatus Care Solutions

Founded by healthcare professionals with over 50 years of experience, Privatus was founded on the premise that excellence in healthcare and excellent customer service should not be mutually exclusive. We believe that lifestyle support plays as important a role as our clinical expertise.

Improve Quality of Life


Home Health Aides & Nursing Expertise

A Unique Focus

Privatus provides private care services with a unique focus on the client experience and hospitality. Everyone in our organization from our management team to our carefully selected caregivers is committed to easing your anxiety, exceeding your expectations, and helping you to resume your life and to enjoy doing the things you love.

Holistic Care

Our approach to private care is holistic. We believe that private care services can have a transformative impact on the quality of life and dignity of our clients. In addition to tending to your health care needs, bringing joy and fulfillment to our clients by making those “wow” moments happen (a special dinner, a trip to see family, a museum outing) is as important as the care we provide.

Expert Guidance

Each client and every situation is unique. After assessing individual circumstances and learning about what is most important to you, we provide guidance and options that may at times not include private care. This reflects our commitment to advocacy and integrity with every individual that we interact with, doing all that we can to improve and alleviate a challenging situation.

Our Team of Professionals is Available to Assist You

For a confidential discussion about your situation, please contact us at your convenience.

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