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As one of the only fully licensed home care services providers in the Fairfield County area dedicated exclusively to private care, Privatus Care Solutions is here to assist families and individuals with their health and wellness needs at home. We have built a reputation based on our ability to provide exceptional customer service, value, and attentiveness to our patients and their families. No matter what your circumstances might be, our team of elderly care professionals in Fairfield County, CT are ready to design and manage a plan to meet your individual needs.

Qualified Home Health Aids & Registered Nurses

When a loved one is suffering from illness, disability, or dementia, it’s best to reach out to a professional for peace of mind. At Privatus Care Solutions, we honor the fact that every family is different; we never settle on one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether your family member needs ongoing assistance or bedside care after hospitalization, our team of experienced support staff is ready to provide attentive elderly care to those in the Fairfield County area.

In the event that our services are needed, we pride ourselves on the fact that our home care nurses and home health aides have been an invaluable option to many of our patients and their families. At Privatus Care Solutions, we value our registered nurses for their knowledge and experience in the realm of elderly care. From rehabilitation at home nurse care, to comprehensive travel assistance, our nurse services can be a valuable addition to any elderly care plan.

The Best Elderly Care in Fairfield County

In addition to offering unparalleled services in our home health aid and home care nurse services, the Privatus Care Solutions executive team is comprised of caregiving professionals that go above and beyond private care standards. Whether it’s guiding you to understand your family members holistic needs, providing elderly care solutions that support your goals, or recommending a cosmetic nurse or concierge doctor, our team is up to date on the highest level of medical knowledge and can promptly offer other resources that may be helpful to you and your loved one. We are glad to discuss specific options as they relate to the location of you and your family. Take a look below to see more information on our Fairfield County, CT team.

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