We want to be sure you understand what care is the best option for you. Below are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

In different states the requirements for supervisory visits can vary from every 60 days to every 6 months, depending on the acuity of care. Regardless of any state requirements, we routinely supervise our caregivers every two weeks, more frequently if needed.

Privatus offers two levels of care: nurses and home health aides. While at times it is very clear which level is indicated, there are many situations that are not clear and/or could benefit from a combination of the two levels. In some cases, a family may choose nursing not for the clinical “need” but for the higher level of education, assessment skills, and ability to be a client’s advocate. We are glad to speak to you to discuss the various scenarios as they relate to your specific circumstances and preferences.

Privatus does background checks to the highest degree possible, including a nation-wide social security check. All caregivers must have three solid references and are interviewed at length by a senior manager. In addition to our standards for education and experience, we always pay close attention to communication skills and character.

If so, whose car do they use? Yes, we are able to drive clients to appointments in either the client’s or the caregiver’s car as we have full liability insurance for both. Some clients prefer the comfort of their own car; this also avoids an additional charge for mileage.

Yes, we are there to assist you with any household tasks from walking the dog to watering your garden. Our caregivers routinely do light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and errands. Once we have established a safe environment for a client, we look for any opportunity to be helpful and to contribute to a positive experience. Incidentally, the same goes for our nurses – in addition to providing clinical support/expertise, Privatus nurses holistically support every component of your daily activities.

Our home health aides and certified nursing assistants can provide medication “reminders”. This means that they can hand pills to a client at the designated time if they have been pre-filled in a pill cassette by a nurse or a family member. Some medications are not regularly scheduled, but are administered if deemed necessary. This requires a professional assessment and judgment, which we are able to offer with the services of registered nurses. We strictly adhere to this approach because we feel the education, experience, and expertise of registered nurses allows them to recognize subtleties that are critical to appropriate care.

While we ask for 24 hours notice to start services, we are known for our responsiveness and can often start the same day if there is an immediate need. If you are not in an immediate crisis, it is always best to meet in advance to review your options and our capabilities.

Privatus Care Solutions, Inc. invoices their clients directly and will not be responsible for invoicing any type of insurance the client may have. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain reimbursement codes from their physician or other provider and work with their insurance for reimbursement of invoiced services from Privatus Care Solutions, Inc.


For most situations, we do not recommend this. Drawing on over fifteen years of experience, we are highly skilled and meticulous in our matching process. This ensures a selection of individuals with the most appropriate experiences and personalities, while saving you and your family time and effort. Combined with our expertise we believe that the significant amount of time we take getting to know both clients and caregivers leads to matches that families are most often thrilled with. Should a caregiver turn out to not be the right fit, we immediately make a change.

We understand the importance of developing a trusting and comfortable relationship with your caregivers, so providing you with continuity and consistency is our goal. If you only need our services for a few days and/or for short shifts we will do our best to provide the same caregiver every day. In most situations, however, where more extensive hours are needed, our goal is to provide a consistent team of caregivers that will provide the continuity over the longer term, an important factor to your peace of mind. This also avoids additional charges for overtime.

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