June 7, 2019

A Day In the Life of a Privatus Caregiver

General, The Little Things Matter
Overhead shot of table with newspaper, napkin and OJ

I arrive at the client’s home around 7am, and she greets me with a smile at the door. Although she’s had to deal with some physical issues this past year, she’s always excited to see me and start the day.

I may not be a gourmet cook, but Privatus set me up with some basic cooking lessons and now I can make a perfect poached egg, which is my client’s favorite breakfast. I serve it at the kitchen table, and sit down to eat breakfast with her and her husband of 38 years.

My client loves to know what’s going on in the world, so part of our morning routine is looking through the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I read some of the best stories out loud and she chimes in when she agrees with something the author has presented – or wholeheartedly disagrees!

After breakfast and reading the newspaper, I help her get dressed and get ready to start the day. She likes to get outside in the mornings for at least a few minutes, to get some fresh air. Today, it’s extra nice out, so I take her on a longer walk around the neighborhood. We stop here and there to say hello to neighbors or to admire a cute dog.

For lunch, I make her favorite sandwich – grilled cheese and tomato. The two of us eat our lunch together and chat about various topics, most often the challenges of raising a family or opinions about local restaurants.

She is especially excited because tonight’s dinner will be a treat: the Privatus Lifestyle Concierge has helped make reservations at her and her husband’s favorite restaurant in the next town over. So while we are enjoying our grilled cheese, she is already talking about what she will be ordering for dinner!

In the afternoon, I do some laundry while she relaxes with a little TV before I drive her to a quick doctor’s appointment. And then, before we know it, it’s time to get ready for dinner. After helping her with a warm bath, I help my client choose her outfit for dinner with her husband.  My caregiving teammate arrives for the next shift, and they are all off to dinner.

While I’m not joining them for dinner tonight, I’ve had the privilege of dining out with this wonderful couple before – hearing them joke and reminisce, speak lovingly about each other, their children and grandchildren.

I’ve worked for other companies in the past, and many are focused on checking off the boxes to complete tasks.   It makes me feel important to know that tomorrow, this couple will be glad to see my face at the door, and glad to welcome me back into their home.