December 21, 2018

Embracing the Power of Words

books with reading glasses

Reading is one of the simplest pleasures we have in life, and there’s perhaps no better time to curl up with a good book than when it’s chilly outside.

Here are some ways you can keep your reading habit going as your lifestyle changes – or maybe even find a new passion for books, magazines, and newspapers.

1. Get Your News Delivered

If you’re one of those people who loves having your newspaper on the kitchen table next to your coffee every morning, that doesn’t have to change just because other things in your life have. Privatus can make sure you are set up to get your favorite newspapers and magazines delivered to your home, and even have the paper ready for you with your coffee each morning.

2. Go Digital

You might have avoided buying a Kindle, iPad, or other tablet in the past. But one easy way to get all the reading material you want without having to lug heavy books around, or head to the library or bookstore to get the latest releases.
Privatus concierges can help you purchase and set up a tablet to make it easy for you to use. That could include personalizing your settings to the exact print size and screen brightness that you prefer, downloading your reading wishlist, or walking you through how to use the tablet or e-reader on your own.

3. Re-read the Classics

Maybe it was your favorite book in high school. Maybe it was the novel you were reading when you met your spouse. Maybe it’s that classic that everyone’s always talked about, but you never got around to reading. From Charles Dickens to Williams Shakespeare, you can dive into some of the greatest literature of all time from the comfort of your home with a Kindle or other e-reader.

4. Hit Up the Bestseller List

Classics are great, but it can also be fun to stay current with the latest New York Times best sellers, especially if your friends and family are also avid readers.
Most of the books you can find on Amazon are also available in an electronic format. You can look up your favorite list of bestselling books, including on Amazon, and download them to your tablet or e-reader, without going through the pain of buying or buying heavy books.

5. Try Some Recommendations

Amazon also offers recommendations based on your past purchases, and it can be a great place to find inspiration if your voracious reading habit gets you through the books you had on your list in no time. Just look for a section with the header “Recommended for You” and start browsing. It could also be a way to take a deep dive on a topic you’ve always wanted to explore, but haven’t – whether that be poetry or oceanography.

6. Be Open to Alexa and Google Home

If reading on an e-book reader isn’t a great fit for you, there are even more ways to access great literature and nonfiction. Audiobooks are increasing in popularity, and maybe one of the books you might be interested in reading is available in this format.
What’s more, Privatus could help you get set up with a smartspeaker in your home, making it even easier to access these audiobooks. With a quick spoken command, you could be deep into listening to your favorite book in just a few seconds.
No matter what your physical needs, technical know-how, or taste in literature, Privatus is ready to keep you close to the words that matter most to you.Click here for a list of Privatus book recommendations!