December 18, 2018

Forging a Relationship Begins with Respect

The Little Things Matter
conversation at table with papers

We’ve talked a lot about how a caregiver or travel nurse can help an aging parent or someone recovering from a serious illness. We’re often asked, “But how do you get to the point where a client has such implicit trust? How and when does that start?” The answer is simple: it starts even before a caregiver walks in the door. It begins when your initial communications with a company demonstrate a genuine interest in what is important to you. One example is an introductory home visit by a Lifestyle Concierge. It is during this first visit when we learn about a client’s priorities and expectations. Often times these important details are not clearly articulated by the client but discerned through careful observation and skilled interviewing.

The Importance of the Home Visit

Let’s take a recent visit by Ashley Yau, a Privatus Lifestyle Concierge in our New York City office. Recently, Ashley went to meet a new client, who asked that we call her Kay. (Learning nicknames and who has the privilege of using them is just one part of the home visit.) Our home visits are essential to developing a relationship. We make sure to respect a client’s time, home, and preferences. We never assume and always ask. And we truly appreciate that appearances matter – anyone who enters a client’s home must not only act professionally, they must look professional as well.

In this instance, Ashley was mindful to ask Kay where to place her coat and bag, whether she wanted Ashley to remove her shoes before walking through her home, and where Ashley could wash her hands. As she engaged Kay in conversation, Ashley learned about Kay’s background – her passion for art and travel, where she had gone to school, how long she lived in her current residence (25 wonderful years), her relationship with her family – and her pet. From the changes in her voice and her animation, she could tell what gave Kay the most joy, what shaped her perspectives, and what potential family conflicts may have to be navigated.

Kay also explained what tasks she would initially need help with. These included help in learning her new Samsung Galaxy phone, finding a handyman who could fix the kitchen cabinets, bringing in an expert to help purchase and set-up a new Mac computer, assistance in organizing her files, and clearing out some no-longer-needed art supplies.

The Blueprint for Care

After these meetings, Ashley, like all Privatus Lifestyle Concierges, put together detailed notes. Anyone who is subsequently be sent to Kay’s home is required to read and become familiar with these. The notes cover everything from the broad tasks to specific requests, from general personality traits to small nuances. It could be the difference in how belongings should be put away to how to greet guests. These insights lay the foundation for a relationship built on trust, respect, and warmth.

At Privatus, we are privileged to be welcomed into your home. We put a team behind every client to make sure every need is professionally attended to, every want is anticipated, and every client is treated with dignity and compassion. For us, it’s the only way to forge a relationship.