December 17, 2018

Indulging Your Passions

Living Your Best Life
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You’ve spent a lifetime cultivating your garden. Your day isn’t complete without sitting down at your piano. Now that your kids are grown, you finally have a room for your art studio. Nothing makes you happier than getting out on the dance floor. Your cooking rivals that of any chef. Our passions can take various forms, but the one thing they have in common is the ongoing joy and stimulation they provide. Just because you’ve gotten older or are recovering from sickness or surgery doesn’t mean your passions need to fall by the wayside. In fact, just the opposite—now is the time to indulge your passions, to be motivated and fulfilled by them. But you may need a little help.

As we age or recover from illness, our passions don’t diminish. In fact, they are what keep us motivated and involved. Simply put: our passions keep us mentally engaged, physically active, socially involved… young! They can be the impetus to recover faster and stronger.
A caregiver can be the bridge to fulfilling your passions. Your caregiver can provide the transportation – whether driving your car or arranging a car—to take you to your destination. The concert hall for the music lover, the museum for the art aficionado. They can shop for your cooking supplies and ingredients or help with online ordering of art supplies. They can be the extra set of hands to carry this season’s plantings to your potting shed. For the swimmer, a caregiver can be the vital key to getting you to the pool and helping you change clothes.

Our passions are not just solitary pursuits. Many of our social circles revolve around our interests. The long-time bridge group or book group – your caregiver can make sure you get there on-time or set out refreshments if you are the host. If you express your love and appreciation for others through your cooking, your caregiver can be your sous chef. If your desire is to travel the world for as long as you can, a travel nurse can keep that passion alive.

With life’s changes, you may need extra help day-to-day, or a just a few days a week. But nothing should stop you from enjoying your life and that which gives you the most pleasure.