July 12, 2019

Medical Care Tailored for You

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Concierge doctor walking

At Privatus, we believe in doing everything we can to not only improve the health of clients, but to truly make things easier.  Sometimes that means top-notch in-home care administered by nurses and other caretakers. For the times when you need to see a medical doctor, one option we often recommend is a concierge physician.

Whether during an office visit or making a home visit, concierge doctors offer more personalized care – and more power to YOU in making personal health decisions.

Instead of a traditional healthcare system based on an insurance model, concierge medicine eliminates the middleman and develops relationships directly with patients. One huge benefit of the system? Doctors can spend significantly more time with their patients, developing closer relationships and ultimately providing better healthcare because of that relationship.

Concierge physicians enjoy getting to know the people in their care better, instead of serving a revolving door of patients, sometimes for only ten minutes. With a much lower volume, a concierge doctor will have more time to listen, be more attentive, and is more available on a day-to-day basis when problems arise. They can also leverage their networks to get you in to see the right specialists for whatever issue might come up.

The concierge physicians we work with in our network serve to strengthen the Privatus family, not just in their direct relationships with patients, but also the ability they have to communicate quickly with Privatus caregivers to answer questions or help with medications or other medical needs.

Such personalized care might often mean working longer and harder to find a treatment that works for you. Having a doctor make house calls can also mean more advanced medical care that may require EKG’s or Xrays, can be done without a trip to a hospital, making life easier for both Privatus clients and their loved ones.

Concierge doctors themselves get great joy out of delivering this kind of medicine. “People seek out a concierge physician because they don’t know where else to turn, because traditional medical care has failed them. To have someone looking out for them and truly interested gives them peace of mind, to the patient themselves as well as to the family,” says Dr. Jan Zislis.

“There’s a personal relationship and continuity of care. There is the satisfaction of coming into a patient relationship and giving them a sense of hope that there’s somebody looking out for them.”