April 28, 2021

Nurse Appreciation Month –
A Client Letter

Caregivers, The Little Things Matter
Lilian headshot with Thank You

A recent letter from a client:

Dear Privatus,

My 88-year-old father was hospitalized with COVID-19 last December. He had been independent, active, and a volunteer at the hospital, but COVID changed everything. Upon discharge, he needed oxygen and a walker and had lost 25 pounds. Rather than send him to rehab where we couldn’t visit, we decided to bring him home with 24/7 private care.

It was clear from the moment that we met Lilian that she was exactly what my father needed. Even with a mask on, you could tell that she was smiling. She prepared high-calorie snacks for my father between meals, without being prompted. She knew that grooming was important to him, so she paid close attention to assisting him with shaving and showering while always respecting his dignity. Without being told, she would change the bed linens and vacuum his apartment regularly.

These all might sound like insignificant things, but to respect someone’s habits, their home, and their personal preferences is just as important to their well-being as administering their medications. Now that my father is back to being on his own, we’ll be forever grateful to the team of nurses and caregivers at Privatus, but especially to this ray of sunshine, Lilian Sogade.

Lilian will be honored by the Boston Globe as one of the Best Nurses of 2020. We could not be more proud of her, nor more grateful to have the opportunity to recognize the amazing ways our nurses touch lives each and every day.