December 18, 2018

Podcasts We Love and You Will, Too

podcast cappuccino

Podcasts have revolutionized our lives. We are no longer at the mercy of appointment listening. And nowhere have podcasts proven their value more than with our clients. For those whose social life may have quieted down a bit as they’ve gotten older or who are recovering at home from illness or surgery, podcasts are the enlightening, educational, engaging connection to the world. And best of all, you can take the world with you wherever you go…and at any time.

Whether you choose to listen while spending quiet time at home, going for a long walk, or peddling an exercise cycle, there’s a podcast for every interest. Along with being attentive care givers, our personal care aides are also aces with setting up technology. They can help to download apps to your phone or tablet or set up your Alexa or Echo. They can help you scroll through the segments to see what piques your interest.

Don’t know where to start in finding a podcast to listen to or want to expand your list of podcasts? Look no further. Here’s a list of some of our favorite podcasts, vetted by our Privatus team.

For the pet lover: Dog Talk (and kitties, too) – We adore Tracie Hotchner’s interviews with authors and pet experts from around the world. From health to training to living together in harmony, Tracie covers it all with.

For the culture lover: Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – Irreverent, funny, provocative, and dead-on with impersonations, Alec conducts one-on-one interviews with a who’s who in modern culture. Our group also adores Fresh Air with Terry Gross, intimate interviews with the biggest luminaries. (She even interviewed Springsteen in his home studio!)

For the car lover: Car Talk – Two guys from Boston know all there is about cars – every make, model and year – and what makes them run. Wise cracking and wise beyond belief about cars.

For the business executive: How I Built This With Guy Raz – Guy dives behind-the-scenes into some of the world’s best known companies. Leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators share their stories of success, disappointments, and ultimate victory.

For the romantic: Modern Love – Love is ageless. Based on the wildly popular New York Times column, these tender, funny, personal stories appeal to the heart and the soul.

For the news junkie with limited time: The Daily – 20 minutes each weekday for your daily jolt of news – what you need to know to be in the know, courtesy of the journalists at The New York Times.

For the news junkie with a fun streak: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me – What’s real? What’s made up? Challenge yourself in this playful weekly show about current events.

For the person who loves a good story: The Moth – Stripped down to the core, these captivating solo storytellers stand in front of a live audience and tell their tale. Each episode runs one hour—an hour filled with poignancy, pathos, humor, the entire range of human emotion.

For the serial listener: Serial – one true story told over the course of a season. Filled with twists and turns, you never know where it’s going to lead. Totally addictive.

At Privatus, we are always on the look-out for ways to expand our clients’ horizons, give food for thought, provide mental stimulation, and offer pure entertainment. We hope you enjoy these podcast selections. Got a favorite podcast? Please share with us!