October 24, 2019

Preparing for your Interview at Privatus

Privatus caregiver

Privatus is growing and busier than ever, and is always looking for registered nurses and home health aides who go above and beyond to join our team. We are happy to receive hundreds of applications each month, yet we are very selective about who we hire. In order to stand out from the crowd, we’ve put together some suggestions on how to put your best foot forward when you come in for an interview.

First, be prepared. Show us that you are a prepared and reliable caregiver from the start by bringing all the paperwork you’ll need on interview day. For registered nurses, that means a resume and proof that you’ve worked for at least two years in a hospital setting – perhaps in a fast-paced environment like an intensive care unit, or on a post-operative or medical floor. We are looking for medical professionals with acute care experience, because you will be managing clients in the home setting where complications could arise at any time.

You will also want to have your license (CNA or RN) for the state you are applying in. Also be sure to bring any additional  certifications, and proof that you’ve had all the proper vaccines.

Make sure to prepare ahead of time with thoughtful answers to typical interview questions. One thing we are always looking for is not just clinical experience, but someone with the ability to make a  personal connection with each and every client. How do you get to know your patients?  We work hard to wow our clients, get to know their interests, and help them to be doing the things they love.

Because you will often need to travel to clients’ homes, we also recommend you bring a driver’s license and proof of car insurance to the interview.

Privatus also will have you fill out some additional paperwork or assessments during the hiring process. If you have the opportunity to fill those out ahead of time, that can make the day of the interview much less stressful and allow you to focus on the interview process itself.

Appearance matters in job interviews as well. Pick out an outfit that’s simple, clean, and professional; something that doesn’t take too much attention away from your personality and the conversation.

The night before, lay out your paperwork, the clothes you want to wear, and anything else you want to bring for the big day – then get a good night’s rest so you can be sharp for the day ahead.