December 17, 2018

Preventing a Fall

Seasonal Advice
Shoeprints in snow

During the winter months, we’re particularly aware of the hazards posed by black ice or slushy sidewalks but, while falls are the number one cause of injury to seniors, they can’t always be blamed on Mother Nature. Hazards are all around us, including loose carpet, extension cords, a pile of papers. Debilitating falls can come from the simple act of climbing on a chair rather than using a step ladder with handrails to remove a cobweb.

Privatus’ skilled caregivers are trained to make sure that hazards within the home are removed, shoes have the proper traction, showers have non-skid mats and are always on hand to change a light bulb so your loved one doesn’t have to.

We found a recent New York Times article by Jane E. Brody to be a particularly helpful reminder to all of us, irrespective of age, how to protect against falls. A few simple changes around the house and to your mindset can mean the difference between remaining upright or taking a painful tumble.