March 14, 2019

The High Bar of Service to Expect from Our Caregivers

Smiling team photo

At Privatus, our primary goal is to make sure you have all your needs met when dealing with a life transition, whether it be temporary or longer term. The frontline of the Privatus care experience can be found in homes, with our painstakingly-selected, highly-qualified caregivers.

From the hiring process onward, our team offers the highest level of medical or assistive care – plus a whole lot more. You can expect Privatus caregivers to be:


Privatus caregivers come into our clients homes not just to carry out day-to-day tasks, but to focus on the holistic needs of our clients. As lives change course, it’s important to maintain connections and ties to other people around us.

Our approach is person-centered, with a willingness to go above and beyond, and we make sure that each and every caregiver has these qualities from day one on the job. A large part of that means showing up with a smile, being present with clients, actively listening, and bringing their best energy to the table.


No matter what the client need, we make sure caregivers are there to both work and listen. Each day, they hear the words clients say, but also pick up on all other kinds of information and cues to make sure all needs are met.

More than that, our caregivers’ close listening means they can anticipate the needs of clients before the need might even be felt or articulated. Instead of reacting to situations or trying to solve issues at the last minute, Privatus caregivers show continued dedication to stay one step ahead.


Whether a nurse, nurse practitioner, or other expert, all of our in-home caregivers are licensed or certified health professionals. They come equipped with the highest level of medical knowledge available to manage chronic and acute situations alike

With that strong base, Privatus is constantly adding and updating our caregivers’ layers of knowledge with company-wide monthly training sessions to keep their skills sharp.

From seasonal tips on staying safe in the winter to food prep and safety to communication, these training sessions help us give clients the best service possible with up-to-date issues that affect them.


With each Privatus caregiver, we look for someone with strong medical knowledge and an ability to stay calm under pressure. That, coupled with our ongoing training sessions, means our caregivers are some of the most talented in the business. More than that, they also work together with lifestyle concierges and the rest of the company in a tight knit team environment.

At Privatus, we know that by staying open-minded and adaptable, we can all bring our own knowledge and experience together to make sure we get the best outcomes for our patients in their homes and out in the wider world.


Life changes aren’t always easy, and our caregivers always use sensitivity and human understanding in all that they do. Spending hours a day with someone means our caregivers become important parts of our clients’ lives.

When coming into your home, the experience shouldn’t be one that is medicinal or clinical, but warm, inviting and kind. The differentiating mark of a Privatus caregiver is one who seamlessly completes their tasks while always treating our clients as people, not patients.