December 18, 2018

The Importance of Personal Presentation

The Little Things Matter
suits hanging in closet

No matter the age, no matter the ailment, we all possess a sense of personal pride. Yes, we may be feeling a little weak, or lack some mobility, but we still want to look our best. It’s true, if you look better, you feel better too.

At Privatus, we respect and honor our clients’ commitment to personal pride. No matter the circumstance, your personal hygiene and attire should be maintained at the highest level.

And that’s where a trained, professional caregiver can make a world of difference. Maintaining your best personal presentation starts with always being well groomed. It’s more than help with at-home showering. It’s having someone to set up your appointments and take you to the hair salon for cut, color, blow-out, styling – or the barber shop for a trim and shave. It’s making sure your feet are well-cared for, a crucial issue especially as people age. It could be taking a client for a pedicure or to a podiatrist appointment for nail trimming.

It’s making sure your clothes are well maintained – promptly cleaned or sent to the dry cleaner, and taking out the iron or steamer for clothes that are not just clean, they’re crisp! And it’s also, switching your wardrobe so that you have the appropriate clothes for every season. And since life isn’t static, it’s having someone who can help you shop for new clothes, both in-store and online.

A caregiver is there to help you get dressed. We know the frustration that can come from not being able to pull a top over your head, reach back into a shirt or jacket sleeve, or put on a pair of socks, let alone managing zippers and buttons. But it’s also having someone who truly cares as much as you do about presenting your best self. It’s the same whether it’s a day at home or an evening out at a gala fundraiser. Actually, your caregiver can help you take it up a notch for that gala!

And for women, it’s having someone to help with make-up. It may be applying make-up for everyday or arranging for a make-up artist to come to your home before a big event – a board meeting, a milestone celebration, a television appearance. For clients – women and men — who are active in business, politics, and the performing arts, having someone come to your home to do hair and make-up prior to a public appearance is a must.
At Privatus, our clients expect the best – of themselves and of our caregivers. And we do everything to fulfill their high expectations. How you present yourself to the world means the world to us.