February 11, 2020

The Essence of Luxury

Living Your Best Life, The Little Things Matter
Man in luxury bathroom overlooking coastal views

Perfectly cut diamonds. The warmth of a new camel coat. Being driven around in a vehicle that still has that new car smell. Box seats at your favorite sporting event. A trip to the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard. Caviar and champagne.

You’ve worked hard and created the life that you want, and that includes luxury. So when it comes to a time when you might need a little more help, or medical care, you expect the same level of service.

Privatus offers that level of luxury to each and every one of our clients, from the moment any member of our team enters your home. Staying at home while you recover is a luxury in and of itself, but our nursing staff goes above and beyond. For us, it isn’t about cookie cutter care. We don’t just check things off a to-do list every day, but get to know you and your family.

One thing that makes Privatus a cut above is our Lifestyle Concierge, who takes care of every non-medical need you may have – whether that’s outfitting your shower for your needs while keeping the bathroom aesthetically appealing, or arranging for transportation to the theatre every week.

And just like Privatus goes above and beyond in our day-to-day care of our clients, we also know that luxury isn’t just about expense or quality. Ultimately, luxury is about peace of mind. Privatus works hard to achieve that peace of mind for not only the direct client, but their families as well. This peace of mind allows the family members to live in the luxury of knowing that their loved ones are being well cared for.

The essence of luxury is the feeling you get when you know your car will work and be comfortable, your meal will be delicious, and your clothes fit just right. That’s what Privatus strives for each and every day, in everything that we do.