December 18, 2018

Things You Don’t Need to Worry About…Because We Already Have

The Little Things Matter
Gardening in pot

No matter our age, we as humans all love to create routines. They are the things we like to do daily, monthly, or yearly – whether it be eating breakfast, playing a round of golf with friends, or traveling south for a mid-winter vacation. We often get so into our routines that it can be hard to imagine ever adjusting those habits.

A major life-changing event can come with a lot of concerns or anxieties about how routines might have to change. It can be hard to even know where to start when it comes to figuring out how to adjust to your new life.

At Privatus, our goal is to make that transition as seamless as possible, and to find ways to keep your routines going, thinking of aspects of your life that other home health agencies might not. Our talented team of lifestyle concierges make up an important part of our in-home care, and work with you to adapt to your new life, without losing any of the liveliness.

Below is just a short list of the things we think about when it comes to your new routines – so you don’t have to.

Enjoying Dinner At Your Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant

With a change in mobility or other abilities, going to the same crowded restaurant with the great bolognese pasta might suddenly seem like a lot more work. Our home care services team thinks about the whole experience of dining out – from reservations to transportation to restaurant layout – so you can have dinner with your spouse or group of friends at the same places you’ve loved for years.

Your Weekly Grocery Routine – Revamped

When adapting to a new schedule when you arrive home, the last thing you might think about are groceries. Our home health care experts will make sure the fridge is free and clear of expired food, and get you set up with a food or meal delivery plan to keep the fridge and pantry stocked week in, week out.

Going to the Weekly Bridge Game Or Enjoying A Museum Membership

We aim to not only let you keep your basic routines consistent, but also keep your hobbies and passions alive despite any physical limitations. Take the example of poetry writing, which might be harder with limited hearing and vision. Our concierge can set up a way to “write” poems with a recording device.Our staff is also equipped with a traveling internet connection, and can use technology at their fingertips to research, plan and schedule any activity you might be interested in trying – even if it’s something new.

Starting Your Day The Right Way

Maybe you like two scrambled eggs every morning as the sun rises, or you prefer a tall mug of tea at the kitchen table while you read over the morning paper. We work closely with you to find out the way you like to start – and end – your days, and set up your home accordingly.

Giving Your Bathroom A Makeover

Your bathroom – and other parts of your house – might not be set up the best way to accommodate your new lifestyle. As part of our comprehensive home health care service, we will come in and do a thorough safety assessment of the house, making recommendations on everything from where to hide electrical cords that could be obstacles to what kind of shower head you should invest in.

Finding Ways to Celebrate Life – Big and Small

With all this talk about habits and checklists and things to buy, we also want to be sure not to forget about the most important things in life, the immaterial things that keep us whole. That might mean working with a concierge to find a church that is accessible, setting up daily walks outside in the community with your home health aide, or even planning a birthday celebration. We find our joy in helping you find yours.