Recover from cosmetic surgery discreetly, in the hands of nurses that specialize in the details that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Your long awaited cosmetic surgery experience should be one of sheer pampering and comfort, an uplifting transition to the ‘new you’. Unfortunately for many, the immediate recovery period can be ridden with anxiety, especially for those individuals where privacy and confidentiality are of utmost concern. Having an experienced cosmetic nurse at your bedside in the initial postoperative period offers you personalized care and comfort with attention to every detail. Whether for just the first 24 hours or for a longer amount of time, Privatus nurses will not only tend to your medical needs, but will assist with household tasks and errands so you can recover with ease.

Your healthcare. Your lifestyle. Your choice.

The possibilities and immeasurable value of private care services are often overlooked as realistic options. Our Client Services Consultants are available at your convenience to discuss various options specific to your situation.

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